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Early 19th Century shipwreck, the Washington, newly discovered in Lake Ontario

The single-masted sloop Washington, built in 1798 in Pennsylvania on Lake Erie, was used to ferry cargo and people around Lake Erie and Ontario a few years prior to the War of 1812. In 1802 it was sold to Canadian interests and apparently dragged overland from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.


In early November 1803, the Washington left Kingston, at the eastern end of Lake Ontario, with a crew of five and cargo, bound for Niagara at the western end of the lake. Somewhere off Oswego, New York, the Washington encountered a severe storm and sank, with all hands and cargo.

The shipwreck, in an excellent state of preservation, was discovered by the wreck-diving team of Jim Kennard, Roger Pawlowski, and Roland Stevens, who have discovered or surveyed many of the wrecks in Lake Ontario, including the earliest known sailing vessel on Lake Ontario, the HMS Ontario, sunk in 1780.

Video courtesy of the wreck-diving team’s remotely piloted underwater camera.


Nothing more needs to be said.

The Progressive Left

“The fundamental flaw in both the left and its media is that they are craven. Without a moral compass and no sense of integrity or righteousness, they will chase every gold cloaked squirrel that runs in front of them, which is why they are where they are today: roadkill.”

Happy Canada Day 2016!


While a few years old now, this video from my Highway of Heroes page, is as appropriate on Canada Day as it is on Remembrance Day. This represents the greatness of ordinary, no, not ordinary, extraordinary Canadians. Canadians, who know through their ultimate love of country, what it means to be Canadian.

And why they do what they do and give what they give…


Flag background image courtesy


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WTF is this: Ontario Political Police?

This is fucking outrageous: