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ET policy decision: Dumping Hot from our sidebar.

Update 2016/04/19: While The Editorial Times supports free speech and diverse opinion, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will provide a soapbox for all. As of today, after linking to it for several years, we’ve deleted Hot from our … Continue reading


Twitter’s “Ministry of Truth” suspends another conservative pundit, Robert Stacy McCain

Twitter’s self-aggrandizing SJW SWAT team has been busy lately knocking off conservative Twitter users its SJWs don’t agree with.  Yesterday they suspended Robert Stacy McCain, (#freestacy) a former Washington Times editor, reformed Democrat, and now conservative pundit.  As is its … Continue reading


Obit:, the conservative anchor blog, surrenders to Facebook, blows away it’s commenter base.

Update: HotAir management went through with its planned (and ill-conceived) revamp of its comment engine with the installation of the Facebook plugin, replacing its older proprietary system. The announced intent to use Facebook, pretty much caused most of the original … Continue reading


Social media, content re-distribution, copyright and info chill…

By Stephen D’Allotte, March 12, 2015. Editorial Times We’ve been giving a lot of thought recently about how, in this new era of digital media, information and content are used and presented to the world at large. We’ve had to … Continue reading


IMPORTANT: DNS Changer Infrastructure Malware

From Public Safety Canada: (note: In addition to the sites/tools listed in the PSC bulletin, CIRA – the Canadian Internet Registration Authority  (“.ca”) has a checker website to see if your computer is affected: ) Number: IN11-002 Date: 9 … Continue reading

ET now back online.

Goodbye Bell and DSL,
No more life in internet hell,
We’ll miss you not a wit,
Losing sleep and patience,
bit by bit,
ET is again all able,
thanks to the benefit of going cable.

We’ve been off for a bit due to an internet failure on the home turf. DSL service failed completely after several months of increasingly erratic service. Old phone line, rotten phone lines, no will from Bell to fix any of it. Why work for your business when the CRTC will simply hand it to you… My third party ISP won’t be happy after 11 years with them, but Bell is determined to squeeze them out. If the internet is to survive and be affordable in Canada, two things have to happen: Screw “Canadian Content” and kill off the CRTC. Fire.Them.All. Then, open the marketplace, and especially the distribution infrastructure, to real competitive business.


The Editorial Times is in process of moving from Blogger to WordPress, so this site will be in a state of flux for a bit. The Blogger version is currently at (this has now changed and both urls now point to this format), while this version is sitting on The new wordpress format is crisper and cleaner, and fits better where I want the blog to go for the next while. Shortly, and will point to the new site. The Blogger site will remain for a while at its base url: I haven’t yet made the decision as to how much of the old content will be moved over. This is a labour intensive and slow process, and there is a fair bit of structural work to be done yet on the new site.

Editorial originally started in 2003, as an html site that required laborious creation of new html pages for each post entry. Its original purpose remains, to provide selected editorial content concerning issues of the day, with a particular emphasis on Canadian issues, and like many blogs, it ebbs and flows with the interests of its owner and of the issues and topics of the day.

I’m open to adding regular guest contributors, if anyone wants to be a participant. While I am “predominantly” conservative politically, I value considered contrary opinion. This shouldn’t be interpreted as providing a forum for “nutroots” of either persuasion, but even they provide a standard on which to compare and contrast. As my tagline says, The Thorn of Dissent is the Flower of Democracy – one can’t exist without the other.

Now, if you’ve arrived at this page from, hit the home tab at the top of the blog to arrive at the front page of Editorial Times’ new home.