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Barack Obama, Trading Private Bergdahl

Too good to pass up. [h/t SDA]


Steyn: Celebrate Conformity!

[Ed. note: After reading Mark’s essay, click on the title below and buy a few things from his website. Your purchase will aid Mark in his defense against the lawfare of Michael Mann and the Climate Cabal. This is a … Continue reading


The Parable of the Big “O”, and some Mark Steyn, too.

“Coming up about 6 years ago, there was to be an election in the US. An election to elect a President, to pass judgment on George W. Bush. The Democratic National Congress floated a new candidate to be their banner, … Continue reading

Ground Control to Major Tom…er Cmdr Chris…

At the conclusion of his stint as commander of the International Space Station, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield signs off with a slick and fitting send-off prior to taking the somewhat hazardous return trip in the Soyuz capsule. Hadfield made a point in this tour of bringing the ISS mission to folks on the ground through link-ups and sing-a-longs with schools, video and photo presentations, and the general esprit de corps that says science, even space science, doesn’t have be all technical and devoid of humanity. The video is, of course, a slightly updated(!) cover of David Bowie’s well-known Space Oddity.


Schwartz: Attack of the Ivy League ***holes

[Editor’s comment: In Canada, we’ve had our share of ILA’s too, the most recent, and most, um, reviled?, were Hahvard grads David Miller, former Mayor of The Centre of the Universe Toronto, and Michael Ignatief, the Man Who Would Be … Continue reading

Rumour: Whoopi plans name change – from “Goldberg” to “Cushion”.

Whoopi attempts gotcha – wrongly says Mormonism forbids military service. The next First Lady sets her straight.

Commentary also at Hot Air.

The first Romney-Obama debate, II…

Reprise: Maybe ol’ Clint isn’t so senile yet…

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