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Happy Canada Day 2016!


While a few years old now, this video from my Highway of Heroes page, is as appropriate on Canada Day as it is on Remembrance Day. This represents the greatness of ordinary, no, not ordinary, extraordinary Canadians. Canadians, who know through their ultimate love of country, what it means to be Canadian.

And why they do what they do and give what they give…


Flag background image courtesy


Missouri votes to give entrepreneurs the legal authority to enshrine religious freedom.

JEFFERSON CITY, MO—Saying the legis­la­tion would restore and protect religious freedoms that had been endan­gered in recent years by govern­ment action, religious liberty activists celebrated the passage Tuesday of a new Missouri law that grants the state’s small business owners … Continue reading

Yup :)

Quote Of The Year.


[Can’t see anyone coming up with anything better…!]


“Believe Half of What You See, None of What You Read”

Variations on “believe half of what you read, see or hear, none of what you read, hear or see”, have been attributed to a whole gamut of historical figures from Benjamin Franklin to Edgar Allan Poe, but the message in … Continue reading

Tappin: Hitler reacts to the Conservative surplus

[H/T SDAthanks, Kate, for pointing us to it]

Awesome Mr. Tappin, just awesome!

Barack Obama, Trading Private Bergdahl

Too good to pass up. [h/t SDA]