Monthly Archives: July 2011

ET now back online.

Goodbye Bell and DSL,
No more life in internet hell,
We’ll miss you not a wit,
Losing sleep and patience,
bit by bit,
ET is again all able,
thanks to the benefit of going cable.

We’ve been off for a bit due to an internet failure on the home turf. DSL service failed completely after several months of increasingly erratic service. Old phone line, rotten phone lines, no will from Bell to fix any of it. Why work for your business when the CRTC will simply hand it to you… My third party ISP won’t be happy after 11 years with them, but Bell is determined to squeeze them out. If the internet is to survive and be affordable in Canada, two things have to happen: Screw “Canadian Content” and kill off the CRTC. Fire.Them.All. Then, open the marketplace, and especially the distribution infrastructure, to real competitive business.