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Krayewski: Blurred Lines – Prepare for Endless Frivolous Copyright Lawsuits

Blurred Lines: Prepare for Endless Frivolous Copyright Lawsuits What Pandora’s box of litigation did the ruling in favor of Marvin Gaye’s estate in the “Blurred Lines” lawsuit open? By Ed Krayewski, March 12, 2015,  The Internet appeared to rejoice … Continue reading

Ground Control to Major Tom…er Cmdr Chris…

At the conclusion of his stint as commander of the International Space Station, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield signs off with a slick and fitting send-off prior to taking the somewhat hazardous return trip in the Soyuz capsule. Hadfield made a point in this tour of bringing the ISS mission to folks on the ground through link-ups and sing-a-longs with schools, video and photo presentations, and the general esprit de corps that says science, even space science, doesn’t have be all technical and devoid of humanity. The video is, of course, a slightly updated(!) cover of David Bowie’s well-known Space Oddity.

The first Romney-Obama debate…

TOTUS was conspicious in its absence…

Of course, the original image doesn’t contain the ad… yet.
“A teleprompter obscures U.S. President Barack Obama as he speaks during a campaign event at Capital University in Cleveland, Ohio August 21, 2012. Obama is on a two-day campaign trip to Ohio, Nevada and New York. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque”

With apologies to Reuters and Kevin Lamarque.


Karl: Just how wrong did the media get Clint Eastwood?

Just how wrong did the media get Clint Eastwood? by KARL, Hotair, September 3, 2012 Admittedly, I am late to evaluating Clint Eastwood’s RNC performance. However, the fact that the pundit class is still critiquing it days later is one … Continue reading

FP: Foster: The Rio future we avoided

The Rio future we avoided
by Peter Foster, Jun 21, 2012 – 10:44 PM ET, Financial Post.

Maurice Strong sees the cratering of his Stewie Griffin-style plan to rule the world

The “failure” of Rio+20 is a cause for celebration, even if you can’t afford the champagne and foie gras that ecocrats served themselves as their hopes for “Sustainia” retreated into the policy fog. A mostly “B” list of government leaders (No Barack Obama. No David Cameron. No Stephen Harper. No Angela Merkel) was set to adopt a pablum-filled 283-point “vision” on Friday that was finalized before they arrived.

“[N]othing less than a disaster for the planet,” declared Nnimmo Bassey, Nigerian poet and chair of Friends of the Earth International. “[A]n epic failure,” claimed Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace International executive director. ‘[A] colossal waste of time,” chimed in Jim Leape, international director-general of World Wildlife Fund.

An umbrella group of NGOs bemoaned the official text’s lack of mention of “planetary boundaries, tipping points or planetary carrying capacity,” the very shibboleth’s of radical environmentalism’s zero-sum thinking.

Significantly, the mother and father of sustainable development, Gro Harlem Brundtland and Maurice “Chairman Mo” Strong, carped — or should that be gro-aned and mo-aned — from the Rio sidelines. Ms. Brundtland was the figurehead of the 1987 Brundtland report, which spilled sustainable development all over the policy map, while Mr. Strong orchestrated the 1992 Rio conference, which the current 50,000-strong flop is intended to commemorate.

According to Ms. Brundtland, Rio+20’s failure is due to the eurozone crisis and the power of Tea Party climate deniers.

Mr. Strong was flown in from China at UN (that is, taxpayers’) expense to be regaled by a group of corporations on Monday as a “very special guest of honour.” Mr. Strong is less than happy at the cratering of his Stewie Griffin-style master plan to rule the world, which has always clashed rather alarmingly with his problems in steering small companies, not to mention his implication in the UN/Iraqi oil-for-food scandal.

One wonders if these aged eco-doomsters were embarrassed by support from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who called for rich countries to eschew “materialist” desires and pursue “spiritual” development. Mr. Ahmadinejad also suggested that: “The collapse of the current atheistic order is reaching its time.”

Perhaps so — the social democratic replacement for God is certainly proving to have feet of clay in Europe — but it looks more than doubtful that Gaia’s green caliphate will be taking over, even if the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer, which looks down on Rio, was illuminated with green light for the conference.

The high priests of the new green world order crave cash, but calls for humanity to fork over for Gaia’s “services” are falling on deaf ears, and not just because of the global economy. One problem is that Gaia has no bank account. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, while ritually bemoaning the weakness of Rio+20’s outcome, declared this week that “Nature does not negotiate with human beings.” But then neither does she speak through a green self-elect. Gaia’s service fees would wind up in the coffers of the guys and gals who brought you not just oil-for-food, but a human rights system ruled by the world’s worst rights abusers, utterly corrupted climate science and peace in Syria.

The failure of Rio does not mean disregard for “The Environment.” Environmental protection is a branch of human protection. The environment has no value except for what it means to humans. The outrage that this observation will promote serves to prove the point. The environment can no more value itself than it can express outrage. Human development inevitably involves disturbance of land and potential pollution of air and water. The issue is never people versus the environment. It is the interests of some people vs. the interests of others. The question is one of balance, and that pollution should not be suffered without compensation. A bigger question is one of entirely bogus eco scares being manufactured as a rationale for payoffs to the very kleptocrats who are responsible for global poverty.

Canada should be justly proud of being in the vanguard of this return to balance both via its withdrawal from Kyoto and the environmental provisions of Bill C-38, which do not seek to trash safeguards — as alarmists have suggested — but to eliminate duplication, bureaucratic overreach, and the potential for sheer obstructionism.

Naturally, the threat of sustainable ideology is not over. Too many bureaucrats at the UN and national level are invested in it. Too much NGO fund raising relies on it.

Significantly, the official text talks of working with NGOs, despite their lack of political legitimacy. The text also still calls for more power for the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). At least there is no mention of a World Environmental Organization, which would have been just as useless but would have threatened endless further negotiations on purpose, membership, funding, etc. etc.

There remain calls to tie down a set of Sustainable Development Goals, which should be good for another hundred reports and a dozen conferences. An Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) is also on the drawing board. This will reportedly do for biodiversity what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) did for climate science: pervert it for political ends.

The Rio+20 text was originally sold as promoting “The Future We Want.” However, the “We” in question was always a self-selected group of UN bureaucrats, alarmist NGOs, corporate rent-seekers and main chancers whose interests were sharply at odds with those of ordinary people. Rio+20’s failure should be celebrated as The Future We Avoided.

Breitbart: Exclusive – Palin to Couric: ‘Game On’

[Ed. note: Ok, I’m calling this an April Fool’s joke! Hosting a primetime flapfest on the most lefty network on TV. Sarah Palin? It will be entertaining, fer sure. She’s been hinting on her facebook page that something was afoot. Aha! That’s our girl -go get ’em Sarah!]

Exclusive – Palin to Couric: ‘Game On’

by Alexander Marlow,  March 31, 2012


When news broke that Katie Couric will be filling in for Robin Roberts next week on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” the country yawned.  Or, at least we did, until we learned that NBC plans to pit “The Rogue Warrior” against “The Perky One”: Sarah Palin will be guest-hosting “Today” this Tuesday.
NBC’s decision to seat the former Alaska Governor-turned-multimedia star in their anchor chair will likely prove to be a fruitful one. Since coming onto the national scene in 2008, Palin has become one of the most charismatic figures in conservative America and will likely bring “Today” an entirely different demographic of viewers.
“I see this as a good opportunity to bring an independent, common-sense conservative perspective to NBC. We’re ‘going rogue’ and infiltrating some turf for a day,” Palin told Breitbart News.
Palin and Couric will be squaring off, in a sense, for the first time since their controversial interview on the 2008 campaign trail.
When Breitbart News asked for a comment about the fact that she will be competing with Couric, Gov. Palin responded simply: “Game on.”

People/Ben Flajnik: Final blog as The Batchelor

[Ed. note: If you don’t own a television, and never go out to buy groceries, you might be forgiven for not knowing what this story is about. Google The Batchelor Season 16 or run “Courtney Robertson” through Youtube… to get caught up. Or just go on with your own life…LOL]

Ben Flajnik Writes Final Blog as The Bachelor

By Ben Flajnik, Wednesday March 14, 2012 09:45 AM EDT, People Magazine


My final blog as The Bachelor. Aside from having hair that looked like a water buffalo, the day I proposed was an exciting day. This damn hair. Maybe it is time for a cut.

Boy, it has been a long time coming, and I am so happy it’s all over. It has been a rough road, full of ups and downs, scrutiny and negativity.

What I will say is that I have found the positives to focus on amidst all the speculation and hate. People don’t know what it’s like to go through an experience like this, and until they have been a contestant – or the person in the driver’s seat – I say, “Take it easy, because you aren’t speaking from personal experience.” We have all decided to put ourselves out there in hopes of love, and we all know love can be messy.

The final few days of this adventure were nerve-racking, exciting and just plain crazy. Having to say goodbye to Nicki the week prior was the hardest moment of my journey thus far. She really is one of the most genuine women I have ever met, and I have nothing but the upmost respect for how she conducts herself on a daily basis. She is a true class act.

The women I had left were very different, but very similar. They are both confident and independent women, who have been providing for themselves for a long time. I found that to be a huge turn-on. My relationships with these women were oddly similar, too. I had good feelings about these two women on the first night – and despite what everyone has witnessed on TV, they are both really great ladies.

Lindzi Is ‘Incredible’

There hasn’t been a lot of coverage of who Lindzi really is, and I want to say that she is incredible. My hope for us was that she would have continued to stay open with me, but every time we got close to really falling deeply in love, she retracted. I couldn’t take the risk of that happening during a relationship after the show, especially after everything I have already been through. Our last few dates together were wonderful, but I think we both knew we were forcing it a bit.

The proposal day was so hard on me, because I was about to do something to Lindzi that Ashley had done to me, and it is truly the worst feeling in the world. I now look back on my experience on The Bachelorette and realize how difficult a time Ashley had, and respect her decisions to this day. I hope that Lindzi can forgive me and will feel the same way in time.


Courtney. Oh, Courtney. What a road it has been for the two of us – especially her. It was really difficult watching this season and hearing all the negativity about her. I saw a much different side to her and that is the side I fell in love with. I will admit, over the course of the season airing, I had my doubts about the woman I proposed to. I wouldn’t have done anything differently, but I was scared that maybe I didn’t know her as well as I thought I did. I found myself shocked at some of the comments she made.

At one point the pressure became too much and I told her I needed a break. Courtney was cool enough to allow me time to clear my head. I became worried about staying in a relationship that had so much negativity surrounding it, so I eventually called off the engagement and we broke up. Fortunately, that breakup didn’t last long. The love I feel for her, love that I couldn’t deny even amidst all the bad press and lack of pubic support, brought me back to her.

There Is ‘True Love’

What I would hope from people at this juncture is that they see there is a true love. Trust in me to make calculated decisions, and know that I wasn’t blinded by anything along the way. She truly is a caring, nurturing woman who is so thoughtful and kind. Unfortunately, America only got to see one side of her, but I know she loves me in a way that I want to be loved.

We both understand that it is going to be a long road to recovery. We are confident in our love and realize that we are going to take it slow and work on our relationship for the foreseeable future. The fact of the matter is, we are really good together. We have always been really good together; it was everything surrounding us that was a mess. I am completely confident in the decision I made at the end of The Bachelor, and I stand behind that decision. No regrets.

All in all, I would like to thank all of the women who were a part of this crazy ride. I don’t harbor any negative feeling towards these women, and I hope the same for them towards me. It was a crazy journey, and I am thankful for everyone involved.

Ta ta,

[Images Craig Sjodin (Ben) and Nick Ray (Ben & Courtney), ABC]