About This Place

Pitch perfect and nanny free. Indeed.

For more about who we are, see below.

The masthead image is a perspective from a height of land overlooking a popular, yet modestly pristine, part of northern Ontario, Canada, in September.

For Canadians of natural birth this view epitomises what Canada is, a magnificent, broad expanse of grandeur that is the land. The 21st century is trying hard to defile and diminish this fundamental beauty, and I would exhort all Canadians, new and old, to go see this land now. It is bigger than you can imagine, more beautiful than you can dream, and it most certainly is not the tiny disasterous strip along the US border. (This is not a swipe at Americans, btw. The US is far better than Canada is at managing its burgeoning urban areas.)

Even Brokaw gets it in this nice warm and fuzzy piece, Tom Brokaw Explains Canada To Americans:


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