Monthly Archives: May 2010

The other America regains its voice.

The core has been missing in the voice of America for a while now. But thanks, I think to Sarah, its back. Dale Peterson wants to be agriculture Commissioner for the state of Alabama. Hell, I’d vote for him!

There’s been way too much metro-weirdness from the latte set for too long, and its time for the US to reclaim its roots. Arizona’s taking it on the chin, but it isn’t going to stand alone much longer. America didn’t get to where it is and to the standards it enjoys by bowing and scraping.

Vote for Dale Peterson!


Hey Pedro! Girls just gotta have fun…

Ya gotta just love Cyndi Lauper 🙂 New album coming out and she’s put up a short promo clip of one of the tracks…

Hey, Pedro, turn on the flashlight…! LOL!