Missouri votes to give entrepreneurs the legal authority to enshrine religious freedom.

JEFFERSON CITY, MO—Saying the legis­la­tion would restore and protect religious freedoms that had been endan­gered in recent years by govern­ment action, religious liberty activists celebrated the passage Tuesday of a new Missouri law that grants the state’s small business owners the right to annul any marriage between a same-sex couple.

The religious rights of Missouri’s entre­pre­neurs have been disre­garded for too long, but thanks to the Defense of Religious Freedom Act, now every shopkeeper in the state can legally inval­i­date any customer’s same-sex marriage if such a union violates the tenets of their faith,” said state legis­la­tor Greg Kirk, who explained that the bill allows propri­etors to render null and void the marriage certifi­cate of any wedded homosex­ual patron inside their place of business or within 100 feet of the store­front entrance. “This new legis­la­tion has nothing to do with any sort of preju­dice against homosex­u­als; it’s about respect­ing the consti­tu­tional rights of citizens by giving them the choice of whether or not they wish to dissolve all legal ties of marriage between gay and lesbian couples whose unions stand in opposi­tion to their deeply held convic­tions. It’s about protect­ing values.”

Accord­ing to sources, several state senators are also draft­ing a bill that gives Missouri citizens the right to cancel any woman’s birth control prescrip­tion if it infringes on their personal beliefs.




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