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The 4th Annual Free Thinking Film Festival 2013




The coming war between western civilization and Islam.

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Capt. Harry Wales and Vegas, revisited.

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By Stephen D’Allotte, September 8, 2012. EdTimes Staff The internet chattering classes were certainly abuzz a couple of weeks ago when a few less than stellar females ratted Harry out on a “stays in Vegas” play weekend. A few moments … Continue reading

Melanie Phillips: The chickens come frighteningly home to roost

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Glad to see others also realising that organised agitation as well as opportunistic anarchy has been fuelling the British riots, which have now spread from London to other cities.

The most frightening aspect of these events is clearly the fact that the Metropolitan Police has been so conspicuously unable to get on top of the criminality and restore order. Indeed, a significant fact behind the rioting, looting, torching of buildings and unprovoked attacks on passers-by has been the perceived weakness of the police and that the thugs thus realise that nothing can stop them smashing up whatever or whomever they choose and stealing whatever they want.

If these disorders continue to escalate, the government will have no option but to call the army onto the streets. That of course would be an appalling indictment of both police and government in allowing the capital city to degenerate into such chaos that the only way to restore order is to abandon the civilian framework and call instead upon forces trained to make war. But the dismaying fact is that the Metropolitan Police has been unable to cope with what has happened, from a failure of intelligence at the beginning to a failure of strategy and tactics on the ground, because it is quite simply a force in disarray.

I wrote in yesterday’s Daily Mail that I was disturbed to read that the Home Office was thwarting the Prime Minister’s wish to hire the iconic American ex-police chief Bill Bratton to run the Met. At Conservative Home, Tim Montgomerie agrees. The collapse of the professional ethic of policing which has brought the Met so low extends throughout the country. So despite the obvious disadvantages, hiring an outsider untainted by this culture would seem to be essential. And Bratton’s record in turning round an ineffectual and demoralised force and transforming a lawless city into a law-abiding one is second to none. If I was sure of this yesterday, I am even more sure of it today—and what’s more, that he is needed in the UK right now.

I have written for more than two decades on the various elements that have contributed to this collapse of order: family breakdown and mass fatherlessness; the toleration and even encouragement of grossly inadequate parenting; educational collapse which damages most those at the bottom of the social heap; welfare dependency; political correctness and the vicious injustices and moral inversion of victim culture; the grossly irresponsible toleration of soft drug-taking; the shuddering distaste at the notion of punishment and the consequent collapse of authority in the entire criminal justice system; the implosion of the policing ethic and the police retreat from the streets; the increasing organisation and boldness of anarchist and left-wing subversive activity; and the growth of irrationality, narcissistic self-centredness and mob rule and the near-certainty of a fundamental breakdown of morality and order.

To every one of these arguments that I have made over the years, the left has responded with jeers and smears. Now, as terrified citizens see their homes and businesses torched, looters queue up in order more efficiently to steal from shattered shops and passing motor-cyclists are dragged off their machines and beaten up and robbed –all with near-total impunity — we can see all these chickens coming so frighteningly home to roost.

[Melanie Phillips is a British journalist and author. She is best known for her controversial column about political and social issues which currently appears in the Daily Mail. Awarded the Orwell Prize for journalism in 1996, she is the author of All Must Have Prizes, an acclaimed study of Britain’s educational and moral crisis, which provoked the fury of educationists and the delight and relief of parents.

Kate Middleton: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus

Arms of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

… Her Royal Highness Princess William Arthur Phillip Louis, Mrs. Mountbatten-Windsor, and future Queen Consort of England, the British Isles and the Commonwealth. After a picture perfect, fairy tale wedding

that followed a long and no doubt deeply introspective courtship, Britain (and Will!) has, I think, acquired a most regal, most beautiful, and entirely capable Queen for William V, upon his ascension to the throne.

Watching her closely through the service and in various videos, this is no wallflower and shrinking violet. Kate demonstrated in presence, poise and performance, that while she was the star of the show and this was hers and Will’s wedding, she wasn’t “along for the ride”. She shared the spotlight graciously with all close to her that had a hand in bringing it all together, most especially with her exquisitely presented maid of honour, sister Pippa, and all of the kids. Without question, another jewel has been added to the British crown.

While it is fashionable amongst some to denigrate the monarchy for basically being who they are; these are working royals. Unbeknown to most, in the days previous to the wedding, William as Flt Lt. Wales, SAR pilot, attempted to rescue with his helicopter, a woman who fallen down a cliff, by trying to get a paramedic to her on the heli’s hoist. They were unable to rescue her in time.

As all Search And Rescue personnel know and understand, this is the truly difficult part of SAR – not being able to complete the mission, despite all best efforts, and so, William will depend heavily on his beautiful and capable new bride, to fulfill not only the pomp and foolery that comes with the trappings of royalty, but in those most private of moments, to comfort and sustain him in the other reality in which he lives. My read is that they have chosen each other wisely and carefully, and Britain may come to revere their new queen-in-waiting.

The following video from youtube is an excellent compendium of web images of Kate over time, and makes for a stunning portfolio of a stunning woman. Enjoy.

Steyn: The Hand of Fate /Election News – Canada

By Mark Steyn,  Sunday, 01 May 2011

Here’s an unusual stroke of luck: On the eve of election day, all that stands between Canada and an historic political realignment is Jack Layton’s “happy ending” in a Toronto massage parlour. It’s not unusual in election campaigns for something to pop up at the last minute but I hadn’t expected it to be the NDP leader’s …oh, never mind, you don’t really need a professional for this, do you?

Before the revelations of Mr Layton’s encounter with Toronto’s vice squad, the Grits were on course to an unprecedented defeat. The Liberal Party of Canada is the most successful political party in the western world: It governed the nation for over two-thirds of the 20th century – a grip on power in a G7 nation unmatched by the US Democrats, the British Tories or anybody else. Its worst election result was the Dominion of Canada’s very first, back in 1867, when its share of the vote was a smidgeonette under 23 per cent. It was all but certain to do worse than that tomorrow night. And for the first time in the nation’s history the Liberals would be neither the Government nor the Official Opposition, but down in the also-rans vying with the Bloc Québécois for third place.

And then suddenly Happy Jack’s happy hour at what he calls a “community clinic” came along and put a big question mark over the NDP’s happy ending. When something unexpected breaks on the weekend before an election, it’s not an accident, and it always happens to the party doing well: You put it out there, there’s no time to poll, there’s barely time to do all but the most perfunctory damage control. Andrew Coyne, Jonathan Kay and, of course, Catsmeat Kinsella are among the media types bragging that they knew all about this story two years ago but, unlike Mr Layton, decided to keep it buttoned up. Mr Kay says it was a “Liberal fixer” who told him, and certainly this last minute leak has the Grits’ sticky fingers all over it. I mean, I’d like to think the Tory oppo-research hit team were nimble enough to plant this and frame the Liberals, but there’s not a lot of evidence they’re anywhere near that good. Whereas a party of such renowned “ass-kickers” as the Liberals would surely be savvy enough to figure out that if they broke this on Sun TV they might easily damage both their political opponents. Either way, poor old Jack never saw it comi …oh, forget it.

In normal circumstances, the revelation that a party leader had been found naked during a police raid on a house of ill repute would surely put a dent in his chances of being either Prime Minister or Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. But in this instance I’m not so sure Jacked Layton won’t enjoy a sudden last-minute surge. The dominant narrative of this election campaign has been the shrinkage of the post-Chrétien Liberal Party, and Masturgate (or Wankerquiddick, according to taste) doesn’t so much arrest it as confirm it. As I wrote six years ago:

Every week or so I get an e-mail along the following lines: “I was wondering if you could tell me what are the beliefs and philosophy of the Liberal Party of Canada.” It’s usually from a student of politics in America, Britain, New Zealand, India or Denmark, raising his eyes from the local scene and momentarily stunned into fascination by the dominance, unmatched in the free world, of the deranged Dominion’s ruling party. But that’s looking at it the wrong way. In a one-party state, the one party in power attracts not those interested in the party, but those interested in power.

So, when the “natural governing party” finds itself in the unnatural state of not governing, it has a huge number of hacks, opportunists, careerists and other mediocrities frantic to get back to enjoying their perks. The more high-minded ones think the answer is a philosopher-king like Trudeau. But there are none to hand within the jurisdiction, so they import a philosopher-king across the water from Harvard and the BBC. Alas, seeking to find a message that resonates with the people, the philosopher-king, unlike Mr Layton’s masseuse, can’t quite put his finger on it. And so the less high-minded hacks and opportunists decide that, with the once powerful party machine rusting up before their eyes, they might as well take it out for a spin one last time.

I gather the NDP spokeslady pointed out that, apropos Mr Layton’s Saturday night special, no charges were laid. Isn’t that an old vaudeville routine? Because the evidence wouldn’t stand up in court? Oh, well. “I went for a massage at a community clinic,” Layton told reporters in Burnaby, BC. “The police advised it wasn’t the greatest place to be, so I left and I never went back.”

Sure. Pity they didn’t say the same thing about his appointment at CASMO. Either that, or this is the new Islamist massage parlour and the otherwise attractive hostess has a faint touch of five o’clock shadow as she presents Jack with a souvenir clock showing the time he promised the Taliban he’d pull out by.

When this whole sorry episode is over, Iggy will be telling pretty much the same story to US Immigration about his long vacation: “I went for a quickie in Canada. Shortly after 7pm on Monday night I was advised it wasn’t the greatest place to be, so I left and I never went back.”

This is the way the Liberal world ends, not with a bang but a …oh, to hell with it.