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Things I hate about the Internet: Jacob Thomas Brewer, 1981 – 2016 Update: Funeral Details Update2: A memorial note from MKH

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One of the things that I hate about the internet, is that not only do I get to share the successes and riches of the lives of the people I meet online, I must also, a priori, share their deep … Continue reading


“Believe Half of What You See, None of What You Read”

Variations on “believe half of what you read, see or hear, none of what you read, hear or see”, have been attributed to a whole gamut of historical figures from Benjamin Franklin to Edgar Allan Poe, but the message in … Continue reading

Stupid Beyond Comprehension. The New Progressive Liberalism.

The following interview, conducted by Ami Horowitz, is with Matthew Guevara, a first generation Mexi-American, whose parents came legally to the US for a better life. Matthew is a student leader at the University of California – Irvine.
Lest you believe this is unique to California, think again – this is progressive liberalism as promulgated, encouraged and taught by universities in both the US and Canada.


Charlie Hebdo

We’ve withdrawn editorial support for Charlie Hebdo. Yeah, we know, big deal, internet dragon-slayers are as ubiquitous as mosquitoes. And yeah, we know, the support we, and most media outlets, provided was barely token, let alone substantial. But the public … Continue reading


Social media, content re-distribution, copyright and info chill…

By Stephen D’Allotte, March 12, 2015. Editorial Times We’ve been giving a lot of thought recently about how, in this new era of digital media, information and content are used and presented to the world at large. We’ve had to … Continue reading


Vladeck: The Iran Letter and the Logan Act

Editor’s note: The following post (from Vladeck’s blog Lawfare) is a summary analysis of the essence of a current petition being hosted on the White House website, as discussed here. Sen Tom Cotton, lead signatory to the letter, outlines the … Continue reading


Hemingway: ” Don’t Be Deceived by the Reaction to Charlie Hebdo Massacre—Our Media Are Cowards”

[Ed. note: – a topical update from the National Review Online – the Corner has been appended to the end of Hemingway’s piece] Don’t Be Deceived by the Reaction to Charlie Hebdo Massacre—Our Media Are Cowards • By MARK HEMINGWAY, … Continue reading