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Charlie Hebdo

We’ve withdrawn editorial support for Charlie Hebdo. Yeah, we know, big deal, internet dragon-slayers are as ubiquitous as mosquitoes. And yeah, we know, the support we, and most media outlets, provided was barely token, let alone substantial. But the public capitulation provided recently by the editor of Charlie Hebdo in regard to the Mohammed cartoons is just that – a capitulation. Its an assault on the memories of those who died that awful day.

It is one thing to bow away gracefully and with dignity in the face of an enemy you no longer personally have the strength to fight. It’s something else to surrender in the public square as you withdraw from the battlefield. We empathise with the stress and strain the events have placed on the surviving staff of Charlie Hebdo, and no, we cannot know the extent of their pain from that time. But the evil that spawned the attacks continues to exist, and continues to exert its horror on an undeserving corner of the world.

Nations continue to shuffle along with their hands in their pockets and their collective heads bowed with the shame they should surely feel. The enemy is clear; the solution is equally so. As the lights of those who stand the moral high ground are quietly and steadily snuffed, the end result will only be all the more brutal and cataclysmic. The battle is coming.

Beacons of hope, once extinguished, seldom rise again. That Charlie chooses to publicly extinguish their candle is unfortunate and sad.

Regardless, editor Sourisseau is quite correct that …”It is a bit strange though: we are expected to exercise a freedom of expression that no one dares to“. A valid rationalization, perhaps, but capitulation remains truly, an ugly thing, and does nothing to dissuade evil.


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