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“de-wilding” young males is all part of the subjugation and pacification of the populations of former free constitutional democracies – it is a necessity for the political elite and power structure, who desire authoritarian statism (big government) to do this as they incrementally INVERT the power flow in the political system – from delegation of power from the people to the bureaucrats to unilateral exercise of power from the bureaucrats to the people – from representative democracy or republic to authoritarian kleptocracy or crony-oligarchy. It is a final stage in the cycle of freedom to tyranny and it has been repeated endlessly since mankind crawled out of the primordial ooze and allowed a leader-class to exist.
Elector-controlled democracy is in decline globally and more authoritarian forms of government are in ascension. Our liberal democracies have gone from government formed to carry out the wishes and popular will of the electorate to government (political power structure) as our master existing for its own sake with a prime agenda to expand its influence over our lives and devise system continuity.

When/if the populace wake up to the encroaching authoritarian police state (which is mandated by most UN treaties and agenda 21) the hope is that the generational conditioning of the population to be docile, servile, deprived of self interest/worth and repulsed by the thought of self defense(or defense of freedom) will be primary to controlling a large population.

Conditioning children in the concept of fearing the tools of self defense and to despise ethical defensive violence and to believe there is nothing worth killing or dying for (particularly freedom) is an open display of the pacification conditioning process. In a free liberal constitutional democracy those who are not prepared to defend the system and its freedoms will certainly lose them – and we have lost a lot of freedom already due to apathy.


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