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ET policy decision: Dumping Hot from our sidebar.

Update 2016/04/19: While The Editorial Times supports free speech and diverse opinion, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will provide a soapbox for all. As of today, after linking to it for several years, we’ve deleted Hot from our webzine. It’s in-the-tank, over-the-top, Trump Derangement Syndrome is more than we can stomach. The only writer there left worth his stripes is Jazz Shaw, and after the HA purge of its follower base, it’s sayonara, baby.


Missouri votes to give entrepreneurs the legal authority to enshrine religious freedom.

JEFFERSON CITY, MO—Saying the legis­la­tion would restore and protect religious freedoms that had been endan­gered in recent years by govern­ment action, religious liberty activists celebrated the passage Tuesday of a new Missouri law that grants the state’s small business owners … Continue reading

Yup :)


Twitter’s “Ministry of Truth” suspends another conservative pundit, Robert Stacy McCain

Twitter’s self-aggrandizing SJW SWAT team has been busy lately knocking off conservative Twitter users its SJWs don’t agree with.  Yesterday they suspended Robert Stacy McCain, (#freestacy) a former Washington Times editor, reformed Democrat, and now conservative pundit.  As is its … Continue reading


Update: added to our sidebar.

The recent Facebook earthquake that struck Salem Communications’ conservative pundit site, HotAir, which resulted in virtually their entire subscriber base abandoning ship, has further resulted in that same subscriber base quickly re-inventing themselves in an analog project, called The … Continue reading


Obit:, the conservative anchor blog, surrenders to Facebook, blows away it’s commenter base.

Update: HotAir management went through with its planned (and ill-conceived) revamp of its comment engine with the installation of the Facebook plugin, replacing its older proprietary system. The announced intent to use Facebook, pretty much caused most of the original … Continue reading


Ball: Paris Climate Conference: A Sideshow To More Frightening Use Of False IPCC Climate Science

Reprinted from WUWT Paris Climate Conference: A Sideshow To More Frightening Use Of False IPCC Climate Science by Dr. Tim Ball,  January 3, 2016.  from  WUWT President Obama used the Paris Climate Conference to advance his legacy: an agreement was … Continue reading