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Steyn: Celebrate Conformity!

[Ed. note: After reading Mark's essay, click on the title below and buy a few things from his website. Your purchase will aid Mark in his defense against the lawfare of Michael Mann and the Climate Cabal. This is a … Continue reading


Ball: IPCC Scientists Knew Data and Science Inadequacies Contradicted Certainties presented to Media, Public and Politiciians, But Remained Silent

Note 1: Reposted from WUWT. Note 2: “IPCC” is the International Panel on Climate Change, a U.N. body driving the fearmongering associated with “Catastrophic Climate Change” due to man’s activities, especially the myths concerning carbon dioxide emissions. IPCC Scientists Knew … Continue reading


Ball: Why and How the IPCC Demonized CO2 with Manufactured Information

Why and How the IPCC Demonized CO2 with Manufactured Information by Dr. Tim Ball, November 13, 2013. (Crossposted from WUWT) Elaine Dewar spent several days with Maurice Strong at the UN and concluded in her book The Cloak of Green that, … Continue reading


WUWT: A Big Picture Look at Earth’s Temperature

Editor’s Note: The following post is crossposted from Watts Up With That, and is available on WUWT at the link in the title below (note: WUWT has not verified the data contained within, and therefore does not specifically endorse or … Continue reading


Ambinder: Solving the mystery of PRISM

Solving the mystery of PRISM by Marc Ambinder, June 7, 2013, TheWeek What exactly is PRISM? How does it work? Who uses it? Let’s assume that the companies whose data is sucked in by a National Security Agency tool called … Continue reading


Fernandez: The Broadband Empire and the Game of Drones

The Broadband Empire and the Game of Drones Richard Fernandez, June 6, 2013, PJMedia. At a recent dinner with friends last month, some of whom were writers, I was asked for a developer’s opinion on the security of various cloud-based … Continue reading

Ground Control to Major Tom…er Cmdr Chris…

At the conclusion of his stint as commander of the International Space Station, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield signs off with a slick and fitting send-off prior to taking the somewhat hazardous return trip in the Soyuz capsule. Hadfield made a point in this tour of bringing the ISS mission to folks on the ground through link-ups and sing-a-longs with schools, video and photo presentations, and the general esprit de corps that says science, even space science, doesn’t have be all technical and devoid of humanity. The video is, of course, a slightly updated(!) cover of David Bowie’s well-known Space Oddity.


Tracinski: The End of an Illusion

The End of an Illusion By Robert Tracinski, April 4, 2013, RealClear Politics Many years ago, I remember thinking that it would take many years to refute the panicked claims about global warming. Unlike most political movements, which content themselves … Continue reading


McKittrick: We’re not screwed?

We’re Not Screwed? by Ross McKittrick, Financial Post, April 1, 2013 11,000-year study’s 20th-century claim is groundless We’re screwed: 11,000 years’ worth of ­climate data prove it. — The Atlantic, March 10 The modern rise that has recreated the temperatures … Continue reading


WUWT: A Big Picture Look At “Earth’s Temperature” – “Extreme Weather

[Ed. Note 1: Cross posted from WUWT. This is a large, valuable, albeit semi-technical, discussion about the validity of the Global Warming meme so righteously (and religiously) promoted by mainstream media, and a variety of catastrophic climate scientists advocates and … Continue reading