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Steyn: Celebrate Conformity!

[Ed. note: After reading Mark's essay, click on the title below and buy a few things from his website. Your purchase will aid Mark in his defense against the lawfare of Michael Mann and the Climate Cabal. This is a … Continue reading


Ball: IPCC Scientists Knew Data and Science Inadequacies Contradicted Certainties presented to Media, Public and Politiciians, But Remained Silent

Note 1: Reposted from WUWT. Note 2: “IPCC” is the International Panel on Climate Change, a U.N. body driving the fearmongering associated with “Catastrophic Climate Change” due to man’s activities, especially the myths concerning carbon dioxide emissions. IPCC Scientists Knew … Continue reading


The Parable of the Big “O”, and some Mark Steyn, too.

“Coming up about 6 years ago, there was to be an election in the US. An election to elect a President, to pass judgment on George W. Bush. The Democratic National Congress floated a new candidate to be their banner, … Continue reading


Ball: Why and How the IPCC Demonized CO2 with Manufactured Information

Why and How the IPCC Demonized CO2 with Manufactured Information by Dr. Tim Ball, November 13, 2013. (Crossposted from WUWT) Elaine Dewar spent several days with Maurice Strong at the UN and concluded in her book The Cloak of Green that, … Continue reading

The 4th Annual Free Thinking Film Festival 2013



Afterburner – The Lynching, by Bill Whittle: The de-sanctifying of Trayvon Martin, and why the President of the United States is a pig.

We’ll leave the final word to David Burge @iowahawk


Fernandez: The Broadband Empire and the Game of Drones

The Broadband Empire and the Game of Drones Richard Fernandez, June 6, 2013, PJMedia. At a recent dinner with friends last month, some of whom were writers, I was asked for a developer’s opinion on the security of various cloud-based … Continue reading


Air PMO – the controversy over Canada’s Loon One paint job…

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Two words: “Google RCAF” Canada’s air force has had a long and distinguished history. Following the Conservative’s homage to Canada’s armed forced by restoring the historic “Royal” to branch designations, the PM’s new plane reflects the traditonal wardrobe of the … Continue reading


NYT: In shift, police advise taking an active role to counter mass attacks

[Ed. note: seriously, in the NYT? OMG! Don't tell Cuomo or Bloomberg...!] In Shift, Police Advise Taking an Active Role to Counter Mass Attacks By Erica Goode, The New York Times. April 7, 2013. The speed and deadliness of recent … Continue reading


Steyn: The ‘Vigilance’ Vigilantes

The ‘Vigilance’ Vigilantes By Mark Steyn, National Review Online, April 5, 2013 He who controls the language shapes the debate: In the same week the Associated Press announced that it would no longer describe illegal immigrants as “illegal immigrants,” the … Continue reading