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ET – Showing Canadians what the Canadian mainstream media won’t…

Our sole surviving flying AVRO Lancaster from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ontario, during its historic rendezvous with its sole surviving flying British Counterpart, in Britain this summer.

The Canadian Lanc flew 3000+ miles to Britain to join its British cousin in a tour of old Blighty. Accompanied in Britain by a variety of surviving (and modern) British warplanes, “Vera”, the Mynarski Lanc is thrilling audiences around Britain. Some of the video available on Youtube celebrating this historic achievement are below. Too bad it will be over before most Canadians will ever know that it happened.

The 4th Annual Free Thinking Film Festival 2013




Turley: Shut up and play nice

Shut up and play nice: How the Western world is limiting free speech By Jonathan Turley, October 12, 2012, Washington Post Free speech is dying in the Western world. While most people still enjoy considerable freedom of expression, this right, once … Continue reading


The coming war between western civilization and Islam.

By Stephen D’Allotte, EdTimes staff. With the fuss over the little film on YouTube denigrating the Prophet of Islam being used as an excuse to escalate, Muslim radicals and Imams (who, in my view, are synonymous with radical Islam), continue … Continue reading


Apparently not satisfied with killing William’s mother, French paparazzi go after her kids too.

300 years later, the French still continue to try to destroy the British monarchy. It seems for French paparazzi you only need to catch a break in life to be exploitable for fun and profit, and have your private life … Continue reading


France: Getting High on OP..M

France willfully setting itself up for failure by Erika Johnsen, July 5, 2012 Hot Air France’s socialists recently gained a sizable majority of their parliament, as well as electing the ultimate champagne socialist to the presidency. I’m enjoying following the … Continue reading


Stop stand-up urination for men, Swedish politicians urge

by Lauren O’Neil Posted: June 14, 2012 4:30 PM  CBC Community Blog

Some Swedish politicians say that standing up to empty one’s bladder is unsanitary and less healthy for a man than sitting down. (Blend_Images/iStockphoto)A Swedish political party is taking a stand against upright urination.

At a county council meeting Monday, the Left Party, or Vänsterpartiet, tabled a motion that would require office washrooms to be genderless with a sit-down-only requirement, reported the news agency Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå.