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The 4th Annual Free Thinking Film Festival 2013




Air PMO – the controversy over Canada’s Loon One paint job…

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Two words: “Google RCAF” Canada’s air force has had a long and distinguished history. Following the Conservative’s homage to Canada’s armed forced by restoring the historic “Royal” to branch designations, the PM’s new plane reflects the traditonal wardrobe of the … Continue reading

“You don’t know what freedom is, because you’ve never lost it”


Steyn: The ‘Vigilance’ Vigilantes

The ‘Vigilance’ Vigilantes By Mark Steyn, National Review Online, April 5, 2013 He who controls the language shapes the debate: In the same week the Associated Press announced that it would no longer describe illegal immigrants as “illegal immigrants,” the … Continue reading


McKittrick: We’re not screwed?

We’re Not Screwed? by Ross McKittrick, Financial Post, April 1, 2013 11,000-year study’s 20th-century claim is groundless We’re screwed: 11,000 years’ worth of ­climate data prove it. — The Atlantic, March 10 The modern rise that has recreated the temperatures … Continue reading


Levant: Gay activists have met their match with Muslim barbers

Gay activists have met their match with Muslim barbers By Ezra Levant, Saturday, November 17, 2012, QMI Agency So a lesbian walks into a Muslim barbershop, and asks for a “businessmen’s haircut”. It sounds like the beginning of a joke, … Continue reading


In the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month in a New Millennium – We Will Remember Them.

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” We will remember them.” Lt. Col. Dr. John McCrae, Guelph, Canada. Died January 28, 1918, while in active service in Boulogne-Sur-Mer, France.


Memo to Stephen Harper: Destroy the long-gun registry data. Do it NOW! – DONE!

DONE!      Except for the poor folks of QC, GONE!  R.I.P. October 31, 2012.  Hallelujah! By Stephen D’Allotte, September 10, 2012, EdTimes Staff. The recent decision by the Quebec Superior Court to attempt to order the Federal Government to hand Quebec’s … Continue reading


Schwartz: Attack of the Ivy League ***holes

[Editor’s comment: In Canada, we’ve had our share of ILA’s too, the most recent, and most, um, reviled?, were Hahvard grads David Miller, former Mayor of The Centre of the Universe Toronto, and Michael Ignatief, the Man Who Would Be … Continue reading


Wente: Dalton McGuinty: good dad, mean dad, no dad

Dalton McGuinty: good dad, mean dad, no dad by MARGARET WENTE, Thursday, Oct. 18 2012, The Globe and Mail Wanted: Skilled leader to turn around fiscally distressed province. Must have strong stomach and a willingness to take on public-sector unions. … Continue reading